Stanford University Sexual-Assault Verdict Sparks Backlash Amid Victim's Statement; Judge Recall Effort Sets Unfortunate Timing? [VIDEO]


Brock Turner was sentenced to spend six months in county jail with three years of probation last week. But the case is far from over as a coalition led by a Stanford faculty member launched a recall effort against Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky in the Stanford University sexual-assault case. A student-pact protest is also intended at Saturday graduation ceremonies.

However, the timing is unfortunate, Stanford Law Professor Mark Lemley said. If the sentencing was two months earlier, he said, "My guess is someone would have popped up to run against him.

More so, Judge Persky is on for re-election this year meaning state laws afford him a six-month grace period before his current term ends on top of another three months after a new one begins. Therefore, a recall cannot be pursued, Joshua Spivak said in his Recall Elections blog. He added that successful judicial recalls "almost never" happened. Spivak also noted that a US judge last faced a recall vote in 1982 and the last one who was actually removed during a recall process was 40 years ago.

The Stanford University sexual-assault case sparked backlash when the victim, identified as Emily Doe, delivered Thursday a 12-page statement in court about the impact of her rape, The Wall Street Journal reported. Meanwhile, the Stanford Association of Students for Sexual Assault Prevention disseminated a letter supporting the victim. It also launched a petition demanding the school to issue public apology to her and grant counseling services. The online petition has gathered almost 11,000 signatures.

The supporters' fury over the Stanford University sexual-assault case has been directed at Judge Persky, who said during sentencing that a longer prison term would cause a severe shock on Mr. Turner. As of Tuesday, a petition urging Judge Persky's recall had garnered more than 262,000. As of this writing, the judge could not be reached for comment.

Was Brock Judge Aaron Persky's verdict on Brock Turner's sexual assualt case been too lenient? Firstly, check out the letter of Stanford's rape survivor below and weigh in at the comment section below.


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