Tom Herman Is Ready To Revamp “College Football Playoff”: “Houston” Coach Tom Herman Brings The Cougars To Playoffs


It was just a dream and now, Coach Tom Herman and the "Houston Cougars" are headed to the playoffs in year two.

It wasn't an easy year for Houston to mark and make an echo for its name. It needed someone to do it. Thus the name Tom Herman came in. 

How did he do it?

According to ESPN, Coach Tom Herman started off by locking the Houston's locker rooms. And to regain the locker room, the team has to meet him at the fields at 4:45 the next morning. He kicked off a hell week to awaken the Houston cougars he cannot see in his present team.

He has a distinct ability to connect with his team especially at their age where the sense of belonging is vulnerable, he managed to earn that. He even sings with the kids and embraced social media where he shows off his funny side. Coach Herman's down-to-earth personality partnered by his creative offenses has allowed him to swiftly transform the program into a league champ and national contender, the report said.

Blending and being one of the team happens at a proper time. But the main man knows when to say "I am the head coach" and make hard decisions.

What can we expect from the Houston Cougars?

After getting their locker rooms back and gaining which is also in the process of getting a $1 million renovation and a $20 million indoor practice facility in the works, the Houston Cougars is sure to hit the CFP. So after earning an 11 win record last season we can only make the bars of expectations a lot higher this time, ESPN told.

This also marks the beginning of the recruiting trail where which Coach Herman dropped cryptic bombs at SMU saying:

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