Foreign Students May Have Higher Tendency To Cheat Than Local Students


Evidence have shown that foreign students in public universities are more likely to cheat than domestic students.

In a recent analysis of the issue, it showed that the alleged cheating by international students are more common than once thought, as for every 100 foreign students, only one domestic student is likely to cut corners, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The issue comes in light with the recent accommodation of international students by private and public U.S. universities. The growth in admittance may have solely be due to financial stability, as international students pay more in tuition; largely due to special programs in their curriculum.

A large number of public universities see the surge of student population as a solution to its shrinking state subsidies. The more expensive tuition for these international students help to compensate for the shrinking school budget.

Despite the repercussions for cheating, when caught, the high number of frequency is evident that the students see the consequence as a risk worth taking.

The data came from 50 public universities with a high number of foreign students in their student body. The inquiry is to know more about academic integrity between domestic and foreign students, according to Quartz.

While the majority of those universities stated that they have no such record, 14 public universities were able to provide sufficient data. It showed that not only that cheating is rampant, it also showed that a lot came from foreign students, and the difference in frequency of cheating between domestic and foreign students is quite large, the International Center for Academic Integrity reported

Chrissy Lieberman, associate dean of the University of Arizona, sees the high rate of cheating by foreign students is due to unfamiliarity of the U.S. standards of academic integrity. Lieberman has cited that international students doesn't always understand what constitutes as plagiarism as an example.

As recent events have shown, where a Chinese student from the Ohio State University took tests for fellow Chinese students for a fee that resulted in them garnering an A mark.

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