'Fallout 4' On Xbox One Upgrade: 'Fallout 4' Unlocks 7 New Mods; Gives More Reasons To Stay/Come Back With Xbox One [VIDEO]

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"Fallout 4" mod selection is growing fast on Xbox One. So amid the ocean of mods, here are small assortments of popular choices which offer a glimpse on how you can change up the game.

1. Ish's Respec Mod

Adding Ish's Respec Mod produces a new chem called "Brainf*ck." This gem resets the entire Perk tree and refunds all the previously spent points. The chem will be automatically added to most game vendors. However, gamers may also craft it at a Chemistry Station using two Brain Fungus and two Nuclear Materials.

2. PEW Lasers

PEW Lasers has taken all the laser weapon sound special effects in "Fallout 4" on Xbox One and substituted them with a spoken "pew pew!" sound. Having a pet dog will make it especially entertaining as the high-pitched "pew" noise is lean to catch attention.

3. Improved Map with Visible Roads

The improved map makes roads, terrains, coastlines and train tracks much clearer and easier to read than when they are on the map. Additionally, it features corrected map marker position.

4. The Collector: Bobbleheads

To begin with, the Collector: Bobbleheads is not quite a cheat. However, it is not recommended if you opt not to help at all in revealing "Fallout 4's" secrets. These Collectible Bobbleheads are spread throughout the game with each one awarding either permanent stat or skill bonus.

5. Deathclaw Follower Mod

Deathclaws are one of the most fearsome creatures in the entire "Fallout" world. These giant monster lizards walk on two legs and are about as tall as a school bus. Its appearance is keen of sending all players including those with highest levels scampering in the opposite direction.

6. Snap'n Build

"Fallout 4" commences on Xbox One the concept of player-owned settlements. This gives gamers the ability to build anything from crafting stations and basic goods to full-scale dwellings. It also adds a new selection to the "Structures" tab in Workshop mode provides access to various architectural styles.

7. WRVR - New Companion and Radio Station

You have nothing to fear with WRVR mod. It only gives a whole new radio station filled with familiar public domain music to listen to as you wander through the ruins of Boston. This mod is completely harmless, and it only adds to your Xbox One game. 

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