'Degrees to Jobs Summit' attended by Florida universities called 'problematic'


A 'Degrees to Jobs Summit' initiated by Gov. Rick Scott has been hit by critics for failing to invite major educational entities in Florida including a major group of 22,000 faculty members.

Despite being praised by University of West Florida President Judy Bense for facilitating a wider network of "connections" for students, graduates and faculty, the conference was criticized for its seemingly dismissive attitude towards the United Faculty of Florida, a major union of faculty members, the Gainesville Sun reported. It has also been hit for its focus on successful corporate businessmen.

Florida State College at Jacksonville, a five-campus college known for being one of the largest, most diverse and strongest community colleges in the country, also had no role at the gathering.

The president of the United Faculty of Florida, Jennifer Proffitt has reiterated that "well-rounded" individuals who can communicate well, think "critically" and solve problems innovatively, should be the ultimate end goal of higher education

In other news, news about Scott's meeting with Donald Trump is rife with speculation that the Republican presidential candidate will offer the governor the other slot in his ticket.

Scott, however, quashed the rumors by saying he'll pass on if offered the position, insisting that he would rather finish his remaining two years in office as the Florida governor than run for higher office, CNN Edition reported.

The 64-year old politician will instead discuss with Trump a possible winning strategy in the Sunshine State. Scott would know how to win elections in his home turf. After all, despite being the "anti-establishment candidate," he won in 2010 and then got re-elected for a second term in 2014. His experience, according to the governor, will help the billionaire businessman win in the perennial swing state. He even boldly predicted that Trump will win in Florida.

"I believe Donald Trump can win big if he does the right things," Scott said. 

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