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Apple iPhone 7 Mirrors Basic Design Of Its Predecessor With An Outward-Protruding Rear Camera [RUMORS]


If rumors doing rounds online are anything to go by, Apple's much-awaited iPhone 7 will undergo a radical cosmetic overhaul.

Several leaked images that surfaced online recently hint the Cupertino-based tech firm's purported smartphone will feature four speaker grills - two placed on the bottom and two placed at the top. Based on the leaked photos, iPhone 7 will boast a bigger rear camera that bulges outside.

However, considering that the leaked images originated from a slew of unofficial sources, and not from Apple, the aforementioned features can be considered as mere speculations. And while it may seem prudent to take these speculations with a grain of salt, the fact that the leaked images actually got the iPhone fans going berserk over the phone's release, cannot be denied.

Talking about speculations, some critic hazard a guess that the flash rearrangement in the iPhone, as seen in the most-recently leaked images is absurd but then again it could be in consonance with other leaks which hint a bigger, larger camera hole for the iPhone 7, MasterHerald reported.

Apparently, rumor mills are not just swirling news that heighten the excitement of iPhone fanatics, but also are churning reports that may disappoint them.

Several sources reportedly with connection to those assembling Apple's iPhone 7, have divulged that Apple's upcoming phone will boast the same basic body shape as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

The only noteworthy differences is that the camera in the back on the iPhone 7 will not protrude outwards, and the two lines on the back of the next iPhone that functions as radio antennae will no longer be there, MacRumors reported.

Apparently, the iPhone 7 will not only look the same as its previous version, but will also boast same features.

Meanwhile, other reports speculate that Apple iPhone's upcoming iteration would probably be the biggest handset of 2016, featuring some sensational changes from the existing generation iPhone.

If rumors proved true, the purported iPhone 7 will pack a thinner but comparatively bigger battery. Apple's move to introduce a bigger battery reportedly stems from Samsung and HTC's attempt to enhance the batteries of their flagship smartphones slated to debut in 2016 - HTC 10's battery reportedly lasts two full days despite heavy usage. It's won't be surprising if Apple comes up with its own augmented battery for iPhone 7.

Clearly, the internet is buzzing with several contradictory reports, which Apple has neither confirmed nor denied yet.

Do you think Apple will stick to the iPhone 6 series design for its upcoming iPhone 7 smartphone, and how will that affect your decision to buy Apple's next iteration when its finally up for grabs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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