Lenovo 'Moto Z' Update, Specs, Rumors: Gadget Geek Drops A Major Leak On Moto Z’s Flagship Smartphone Ahead Of June 9 Release


News and rumors about Lenovo's "Moto Z" flagship Android smartphone has been circulating all over the gadget world and now new major information has been leaked online. To believe or not to believe, that is up to you. But when Even Blass tweeted new images of the Moto Z and its modular backplates, called MotoMods there are nothing else but to give in.

These newly leaked image of the "Moto Z" smartphone looks quite similar those published by Blass last week. However, his recent leak bears more detailed features on the back of the android smartphone. Aside from that, another tweet revealed a three color options. Most notably, the Moto Z's regular Moto branding has been replaced with Droid branding on the camera module right beneath the lens, Design and Trend reported.

According to The Verge, the Droid series is exclusive to Verizon. Could this means that this new photo is the Verizon version of the unit? And, does it suggest that it could be rebranded as the Droid Turbo 3? If these speculations were accurate, the Moto Z will come in black, silver and gold.

Blass also shared on his Twitter page, (@evleaks)an image showing three upcoming backplates which are apparently called MotoMods. The three upcoming MotoMods are rumored to be, as follow:

  • First MotoMod - Hasselblad camera that comes with a camera grip, a shutter button, a flash bulb and an optical zoom lens. This backplate entirely covers the Moto Z's camera module hinting that it could replace the handset's camera when attached.
  • Second MotoMod - Pico projector seems to be somewhat thicker than the other two which could mean that it comes with a battery pack.
  • Third MotoMod - JBL stereo speakers.

Lenovo is expected end the speculation by unveiling the Moto Z and its MotoMods at the Tech World conference on June 9.

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