President Obama Attacks Trump In Rutgers Speech; Trump Hits Back 'Ignorance is not a Virtue'


United States president Barack Obama criticized Donald Trump on his commencement speech on Sunday at the Rutgers University in New Jersey. Although the President did not directly mention the name of Trump in front of the graduating class, he cited several controversial issues which the presumptive Republican nominee had been involved with.

Among the issues include establishing a wall between Mexico and the US, as well as the temporary banning of Muslims from entering the country.

The Commander in Chief said during his speech that ignorance is never a virtue in life and in politics. The President added that the it is never cool not to be aware of what is being talked about because it is not what it means by challenging political correctness. He also said that isolating the Muslims by implying that they must be treated in a different way when coming to the US is not only a betrayal of their own values, NBC News reported.

According to Obama, it will only alienate the Muslim communities abroad and at home whom he regards as the country's most important partners in fighting the violent extremism.

Obama talked about the notable characteristics which the graduates of over 17,000 must look for in policymakers. Among these are logic, evidence, facts and reason. He also took note of the impending threat of keeping the country isolated from the rest of the world, The Hill reported.

The President stated that the world has become more interconnected and that it is slowly becoming more connected each day. The Democratic president concluded his speech by saying that creating walls will never change that connection.

Meanwhile, Trump took to Twitter to slam President Obama's keynote speech before the graduates. Quoting a few lines from the President, "ignorance is not a virtue," Trump said that it is the main reason why Obama is the worst president in the country's history.

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