Tampon Tax: New York Bill To Abolish Tax on Tampons, Pads [VIDEO]


New York will soon be joining five other US states that abolished tampon tax and other sales on feminine hygiene products. A bill that will make tampons and pads exempt from state sales tax is awaiting the NY governor's signature.

Tampon Tax Bill in New York Exempts Taxation of Feminine Hygiene Products

The tampon tax bill was introduced by New York assembly member Linda Rosenthal, according to UPROXX. If NY Governor Andrew Cuomo were to sign this bill, tampons, pads and other feminine hygiene products will be exempt from a 4 percent sales tax. This will also include other products sold in pharmacies including contraceptives, swabs, bandages, prosthetic aids and many more.

If the tampon tax bill will be successfully passed, New York will be the 6th US state to abolish putting tax on feminine products. The other five states are Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Maryland and New Jersey, Christian Science Monitor noted.

Tampon Tax Bill Will Make Tampons, Pads More Accessible

Furthermore, New York's tampon tax bill will also make feminine hygiene products more accessible. If the bill is passed, New York schools, shelters and prisons will have free feminie hygiene products for women, reported NPR.

The use of dispenser for tampons and pads could make the whole process easier as well. The outlet points out that girls in schools needed to go to the nurse's office to ask for tampons and pads, however, this system would be more convenient and allows students to go to their classes with ease. NY City Council Member Julissa Ferreras-Copeland supported the idea and said that women, especially students, should have ready-access to feminine hygiene products. There is no need to go to nurse's office for a tampon or pad because they're menstruating and not sick.

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