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'Fry-day the 13th': Ruby Rose Threw Fries at New Orleans Bartender For Rude, Derogatory Jokes [VIDEO]


Ruby Rose was involved in what she called "Fry-day the 13th" last week where she threw fries and cursed a bartender at a restaurant in New Orleans. The "Orange is the New Black" actress was at the Rebellion Bar and Urban Kitchen ordering food when things got heated up between her and the bartender.

Ruby Rose Responded Disrespected

Ruby Rose apparently threw her food when the bartender made "rude" and derogatory jokes at her. She explained that while waiting for her appetizers, the bartender tried to give her drinks but Ruby Rose declined and said that she was sober, Huffington Post reported.

However, the bartender did not take this kindly as he reportedly made "derogatory jokes" about her sobriety. Ruby Rose responded by threwing a fry at the bartender but the man continued to verbally abuse the DJ so she continued throwing fries.

Ruby Rose was thrown out of the bar by the owner, Seung Hong. The owner said that Ruby Rose was "cursing" and through that the actress was "horrible" for it, shared. Hong shared his side of the story and said that the whole commotion was caused by Ruby Rose's dissatisfaction of the service. Furthermore, he said that throwing out Ruby Rose and his party was the first time he asked anyone to leave his establishment.

Ruby Rose Explained Her Side on Facebook

Ruby Rose wrote on her Facebook page to explain her side of things. She added that the bartender repeatedly made rude comments about her sobriety and that is why the fry incident occured. Ruby Rose added that she regretted throwing the fries. She added that she has great respect for people working in the service industry.

What do you think of the infamous "Fry-day the 13th" incident by Ruby Rose? Do you think Ruby Rose should never have chucked the fry at the bartender? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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