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Steven Spielberg Finds The Next Drew Barrymore Via ‘The BFG’


When Steven Spielberg included the then seven-year-old Drew Barrymore in the film "E.T.", it paved the way for the actress to begin her prolific career. Now, the director-producer is about to introduce a new young actress into stardom through "The BFG."

The director said he "hit the jackpot" when he cast Ruby Barnhill to play Sophie in the upcoming film. The 69-year old director explained in an interview that there is really no good reason behind his decision to include somebody in his film, Time reported.

Spielberg further stated that it is more like a feeling and not a reason, as he believes that there is no language that may describe the result of his choice. For the famous director, it is only a feeling that a certain person will be able to connect with the given role in such a way that even he could not predict.

According to Spielberg, this was how he felt when he met Ruby Barnhill during the audition for the role of Sophie in the upcoming movie. He described the 11-year-old Barnhill as authentic and spontaneous, and cited these as the reasons why he picked her. Spielberg thought that the young actress' personality can translate into the Sophie role, since he is searching for the truth regarding who Sophie is, and that he was not after the performance, NME reported.

Being said that, Spielberg feels that Barnhill was perfect for the role due to the fact that she had her ideas regarding the role that showed into her performance.

"The BFG" is about the story of the whimsical friendship formed between two people, based on the children's book written by popular author Roald Dahl in 1982. The story talks about Friendly Giant who will befriend the orphan girl Barhnill. Together, both will begin to take on some giants who eat people to take control of the world.

According to Barnhill, it is spectacular to having worked with wonderful, kind people who have been supportive. She said that when she finds it hard to imagine everything, other cast members would come to help her.

"The BFG" is scheduled to hit the big screen on July 1.

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