Google Designs Emojis To Imitate Professional Women; Women To Dominate Virtually With These Emojis


Google engineers have made up 13 emojis which they thought have better chances of representing women while they work. The designs have been shown in the Unicode consortium. The unicode consortium is the team that approves and streamlines the emojis. 

According to the team that makes the emojis, they wished the emojis would strengthen women to be the best version of themselves, thanks to the inspiration they get from the emojis. Women are among the most fanatic users of emojis, as reported by Bbc

Women users of emojis include businesswomen, healthcare workers and scientists. As reported also by, emojis are tools most often used in mobile and web messaging to express emotions and tell a story.

According to a group of Google employees, a New York Times op-ed referred to as "Emoji Feminism" was the inspiration of the new designs of the emojis of Google designs.

Amy Butcher, though, did not believe that the designer of Google emojis was doing their best in providing the best emoji designs there are. Butcher said that:

"We are told we are the new generation of American women; no longer a minority, we are, in fact, the majority of breadwinners in American homes. And yet the best we can get is the flamenco [dancer]."

A research conducted by Procter & Gamble, though, indicated that 82 % of females, between the ages of 16-24 make use of emojis on a daily basis. Over half of these females thought that female emojis are stereotypical.

As reported by, Google designs are inspired by women working in the technology, farming and food industries.

According to Fortune, though,the emojis designed for women were signs of gender equality coming to life. No longer men dominate the virtual scene, but so do women. Women now come out stronger and more successful more than ever, as demonstrated by the existence of these emojis.


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