Trending Topics In Facebook Ignite Debate and Distrust; Experts Question The Credibility Of The Social Media Site


The accusations against the accuracy of the trending topics that appear on Facebook have gotten lots of reactions that range from controversy to puzzlement. Allegations in relation to liberal bias on Facebook are made explicit even among people who don't even know the sources that claim such allegations.

On Tuesday, a leading Republican in Washington, John Thune, requested answers in relation to the controversy surrounding the question of accuracy of the trending news that surrounds Facebook. Thune wrote the following in response to demand answers from Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in relation to the inaccurate trending news, as reported in CNN Money:

"Facebook has enormous influence on users' perceptions of current events, including political perspectives.

Jason KInt, CEO of Digital Content Next, compared how Facebook works in comparison with his own company:

"The facts seem to be unclear on what Facebook does and doesn't do. Facebook's famous news feed algorithm - invites concern without years of reputation and trust."

Word has it, though, that many people are starting to envy Facebook for the competition that it presents in against with the news web sites. Many users of Facebook click the sites that appear on their news feed, instead of going to other news sites outside of the premises of Facebook.

Poynter ethicist, Kelly McBride, revealed the reason why Facebook is intense in beating the competition in its circle of competitors. McBride said:

"Because of the driver of audience to news sites, Facebook has become the biggest drive in the marketplace. The influence accompanies a significant responsibility."

For the information of readers or audiences, Facebook's news section is similar a traditional newsroom, as reported in Human editorial news makes Facebook still a reader-friendly social media site, instead of being simply an algorithm based site. 

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