University Students Use Cheap Drug Testing Kits To See Whether Or Not The Illegal Substances They Are Taking Are Harmful Or Not


University students are given the opportunities to use less costing kits to find out the ingredients of the drug they are taking have. As reported by The Daily Mail UK, these kits also test if the drugs the students are taking are harmful to their health or not.

The publication further reported that the testing kits cost about 3 British pounds. The availability of the testing kits is part of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy's  Newcastle chapter referred to as Test Your Drugs.

SSDP Newcastle president, Holly Mae Robinson, said the new initiative to combat harmful drug use is part of the zero tolerance policy for dangerous drug use. Robinson said:

"The idea behind the campaign, while obviously about drugs, at its core is about health and well-being. We are not promoting drug use. It's trying to avoid the harm of people that are going to use them. People are always going to use drugs and we just want to make it safer."

"As far as we know we are the first university that you can find anywhere in the world that has made [the kits] available to students."

Metro UK reported, though, that these drug testing kits use colors to check the detailed chart to let the students check the accuracy of what they thought are contained in the drugs they are taking.

Zoe Corre, SSDP Newcastle founder said the makers of the testing kits have the goal of making the students make a more wise decision as to whether or not they are taking the drugs appropriate for them. Corre said the makers of the testing kits are able to do this by providing evidences as to whether or not the drugs are safe to take or not. Evidences don't lie and present the users with the truth only. 

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