Planned Parenthood: Offers Sex Change To Transgenders? Mother's Day Tweet Angers Conservatives


Planned Parenthood has added new "controversial" services in addition to abortion. LGBT individuals, more specifically transgenders are now able to get sex change services from the non-profit organization.

 Both male and female transgenders who are qualified to get hormone services can now avail of hormone replacement therapy services in the Bellingham and Mount Vernon Planned Parenthood health centers, according to organization's website. Transgenders who are currently on hormone replacement therapy can still avail of the Planned Parenthood services for monitoring and ongoing patient care. Planned Parenthood's transgender hormone therapy replacement is only for teens over 18 years old. Minors must get a parent or guardian's consent.

There are over 32 Planned Parenthood clinics across the country that offers transgender hormone replacement therapy, Fox News reported. These states include New York, California, Nevada, North Carolina, Washington, Maine and Colorado. The outlet noted that Planned Parenthood does not offer direct sex change services - as in surgical modification of sex organs, but only hormone replacement therapy treatments.

Adding transgender services in Planned Parenthood is their move to acquire additional earnings, Christian Today shared. The revenue from transgender hormone replacement therapy services will reportedly add in to the revenues they get from their abortion services. Peter Sprigg, a fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council, told Fox of his concern at the increasing trend of teenagers getting transgender hormone replacement therapy.

During Mother's Day, a tweet sent out by Planned Parenthood angered a lot of conservatives online, Washington Times noted. The organization apparently tweeted a photo of two mothers holding their children with the hashtag #MomsMatter.

Planned Parenthood also provided a text that said that they support "safe and wanted motherhood." This drew the ire of conservative netizens who tweeted back saying Planned Parenthood's Mother's Day tweet was "ironic" and "appalling" as Planned Parenthood victimizes innocent children through abortions.

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