UK Universities Ranking Dash Hopes In The Wake Of Forced Focus On Diversity!


Although British Universities account for a 10th of the world's finest as far as global reputation is concerned, many have slipped down the 100 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.

Experts hold forced focus on diversity and recruiting from disadvantaged backgrounds responsible for some of Britain's top-notch universities dropping down university ranking.

Prime Minister, David Cameron recently ordered a review of racial discrimination alarmed by the evident racial bias in British universities as well as justice system. Mr Cameron also noted that it was surprising that Oxford University's 2014 intake that comprised of more than 2,500 people, included only 27 black students, according to reports on NDTV.

As a result of Mr. Cameron's attack on top universities for racial bias, Oxford and Cambridge among other notable universities have been under huge pressure to take on minority students in a bid to broaden their student mix.

Earlier this year, Mr. Cameron said it will be mandatory for universities to divulge the proportion of ethnic minority applicants that get places. He also warned that police along with the courts and the armed forces must also act and encourage more clarity.

As a consequence, this pressure is compelling universities to move their focus from enhancing quality of research and teaching to implementing recruitment policies in order to lessen political pressures, The Telegraph reports.

Although the Oxbridge institutions managed to retain a spot in the top five of the 100 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, both have slipped down two places since last year. Since The University of Bristol and Durham University have been eliminated from the top 100, UK's total number of universities in the rankings has come down to 10 for 2016.

As far as number of universities making an appearance this year is concerned, Britain is second only to US with Harvard topping the list for sixth year in a row.

Phil Baty, Times Higher Education rankings editor said, "The UK's diminishing performance occurs as institutions in Asia rapidly rise up the table; the continent has 17 representatives, up from 10 last year."

"The UK will have to ensure that it can still draw in talent and investment from across the world and it does not lose its position at the heart of higher education's global elite," he added.

Mr. Baty noted that six universities, four from US as well as Oxford and Cambridge, have overshadowed the top half of the rankings for the past five years, however he added that other countries are making gains, according to reports on Asian Image.

UK universities in the top 100:

University of Cambridge, 4

University of Oxford, 5

Imperial College London, 15

University College London, 20

London School of Economics and Political Science, 24

University of Edinburgh, 38

King's College London, 43

University of Manchester, 49

London Business School, 81-90

University of Warwick, 81-90

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