Malia Obama Comes Under Fire From Social Media Following Her Decision To Attend Harvard


Malia Obama recently found herself on the hit list of some enraged commenters on Fox News site following the White House announcement that she will attend Harvard after a gap year.

After taking a gap year, Malia Obama will attend Harvard University, the White House announced Sunday. Malia, the eldest of President Obama's two daughters, will begin there in the fall of 2017 and will be a member of the class of 2021.

During the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday, President Obama divulged his family's decision to stay in Washington for two years after his presidency ends. The decision is taken to allow Sasha, their youngest daughter to finish school, reports CNN.

"Our decision has actually presented a bit of a dilemma because traditionally presidents don't stick around after they're done. And it's something that I've been brooding about a little bit," Obama facetiously remarked at the dinner.

He didn't stop there, during the comedy routine at the dinner Obama joked that Michelle is ready and willing to "stay closer to her plot of carrots. She's already making plans to see them every day."

However, Malia's plans to attend Harvard University was not very well received by everyone, in fact, the announcement brought an outburst of anger as commenters reportedly flooded Fox News site with racial remarks.

According to reports on AOL, the comments became so overpowering and demeaning, Fox News had no choice but to disable comments on the story.

While one commenter wished first lady Michelle Obama's daughter should get cancer or AIDS, several others used the "n-word" to describe the 17-year-old Malia. Some commenters, however opted for comparatively sober remarks - if you can refer to it as that - calling Malia's attendance a case of "black privilege" and "affirmative action."

Though Fox News was quick to remove several of the posts and also disable commenting on the page, it was not quick enough to stop their users' hate from reaching the rest of the internet.

Malia is not the first of presidential children to be admitted into of presidential children.

Nevertheless, Malia's admittance into Harvard is definitely remarkable considering Harvard accepted a record low of 5.2% of applicants in 2016. No details regarding where Malia will spend her gap year was available.

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