Costco Essay Admits Girl To 5 Ivy League Schools; Decides Stanford Is ‘Best Fit’


Brittany Stinson got widespread attention on the internet with a lighthearted essay about how Costco relates to her love for knowledge. The said essay helped admit her to 5 Ivy League Schools and Stanford University. She decided that Stanford is the "best fit" for her.

Stinson was accepted into Yale, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Darthmouth and Cornell (members of the Ivy League) as well as Stanford University. It is a remarkable feat, as these colleges have very low acceptance rates; 13.96% at most. Stanford boasts the lowest of the six, with a 4.69% acceptance rate.

Yahoo reported that these are "powerhouses," and Stinson herself thought that the colleges have "equal academic prowess." Her decision all boiled down to what she thought would work best for her goals.

"It honestly came down to fit and location," the valedictorian said. Apparently, the thought of living and studying in the West Coast appealed to her.

More importantly, it was Stanford's excellent science programs that drew her in. She plans to major in neuroscience, and so the University's strengths in science and the humanities helped her make the decision easier.

Her Costco essay went viral after it was shared with Business Insider. In it, Stinson detailed how her experiences with Costco grew to be a sort of "primer" on how her thought processes work. The essay itself is a delight to read, with the student describing each concept with a warm and almost childlike passion.

She was overwhelmed when she realized that her essay went viral. She also admits that she was glad when the attention "died down."

However, it is safe to say that she got admitted not only because of the essay; it also helps that Brittany Stinson has a 4.0 GPA. In her school Concord High in Delaware, she was also the vice president of the Science Honors Society and the president of the National Honors Society.

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