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Racy Super Bowl Press Conference Is Newton’s Biggest Loss


Newton's dabbing almost overshadowed the entire National Football League (NFL). For every touchdown he and the team accomplish, there comes out a critic belting racist comments at him. To sight another, a headline bannered: "Cam Newton and the Racism of NFL Fans." A white woman even complained that the "pelvic thrusts" and "arrogant struts" of his victory moves were unsuitable for children.

Being himself has caused the young Panther quarter back the criticisms unfairly due to his NFL press con result. Newton felt that he represented something way bigger than himself, his fans and family, but end up letting them down, Ebony reported.

According to him, someone went to confide him that it was just an interview, it's not. This has to be taken seriously different. His situation is in a par distinction because millions of people are watching.

 The embarrassment or stress anxiety of dealing with that type of game stops his heart from beating. Although time has helped him recover, he admitted that he's been out of control because he wasn't ready to talk right that moment.

"Was I mad? Hell, yeah!" he quipped.

To understand this inquisitive reality, it is basic to know that Newton stands at six foot and six inches height, significantly higher than the average quarterback, and started his professional career by breaking records from his NFL debut for being the first player to throw 400 yards. For a single season he went on setting records: he was the first rookie to throw beyond 4000 yards, the first to dash 700 yards and the first quarter back to run 14 touchdowns.

During the NFL season 2015-2016, Newton gained success and even reached greater heights: He led the Panthers to a historic 15-1 season, took home league MVP honors and made his first appearance in Super Bowl 50.

"I'm an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven't seen nothing that they can compare that to," he told repoters.

To view the moves causing the racy stir, watch this:

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