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‘Destiny’ DLC Speculations: ‘Destiny’ DLC Set To be Launched On Sept. 20; April Update Revealed New Character?


"Destiny" is awaited to have its upcoming installment by 2017, and this has been verified by Bungie, the game's developer. All things considered, gamers can expect for the "Destiny" DLC to arrive this year. As to the launch date, bits of gossip are prompting a September DLC discharge for "Destiny."

The downloaded content of "Destiny" is said to come out by September this year, as speculated by fans. however, there are reports saying that Bungie is denying this speculation. 

Rezyl Azzir, a Reddit user is pointed to be the person who gave a guide on how players can find the said data. The amazing thing is that, Rezyl Azzir could locate the collectible in only 16 minutes, which is really quick,  notwithstanding the cutting edge "Destiny" players. In connection to that collectible, it contains significant data in regards to a specific character named by Rezyl Azzir, which gives off an impression of being like the name of the reddit user who gave out the walkthrough, Game Rant reported.

Then, Rezyl Azzir guidewent viral to the gamers, however Rezyl Azzir's account vanished alongside the guidelines it gave. Luckily, different Reddit users have effectively noted and copied the guide given by the Reddit user.

Obviously, the piece of information that was left by the redditor could be about the launch date of another downloadable content for "Destiny." The hint is in Latin stating, "Vegisima kick the bucket mensis noni. ILLUD est venturus. Per Audacia promotion astra," which means "The 20th day of the 9th month? It is coming. Forward, to the stars," in English, Yibada reported.

The post by Rezzyl Azir served as a clue for awaited extension of "Destiny" DLC whic is Sept. 20. Maybe, it is not an awful thing to trust this, but rather fans ought to remember that Bungie has not yet released an official explanation, or affirmed anything, about the arrival of the new "Destiny" DLC.

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