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Apr 30, 2016 07:39 AM EDT

Injectable Smart Lenses Patented By Google; Vision Correction Device Directly Goes Inside Eyeballs [VIDEO]


Google Glass may soon become a thing of the past now that the giant tech company has found a way to inject lenses directly into the eyes. The injectable smart lenses aim to innovatively correct vision by inserting the device directly inside the eyeballs.

Google applied a patent for injectable smart lenses this week. The process involved injecting a special kind of fluid directly into the lens of the eyes. Drawings of the demonstration of how the patent works show that the device will be positioned inside to fit snugly in the lens capsule of the eye. It will then be put in place to help correct vision.

The "intra-ocular" device has its own storage, internal battery, transmitting and receiving antenna where it will presumably receive signal to be operated remotely from a wireless control. The injected smart lens device will also have external components with additional processing power, Tech Radar shared. Google's injectable smart lens technology is not unlike lasik surgery or other eye operations that use laser, the outlet notes.

Google's foray into innovative technology has extended to the realms of medical science. The multinational tech company has filed numerous patents over the years, Tech Times added . Google has been working with Novartis in the last couple of years to which the pharmaceutical tech company owns the license to one of Google's ocular technology for optometrics.

It looks like Google is interested in branching out further in optometrics aside from correcting vision. In 2015, the company applied for a patent for contact lens that can measure a person's glucose levels, Mobi Health News reported. In the same year, there have been rumors that Google is developing contact lens that could collect data from the wearer's tears.

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