Loyola University Coach Sheryl Swoopes Under Investigation For Mistreatment Of Women's Basketball Players [VIDEO]


Ten of 12 Loyola University women's basketball team coached by Sheryl Swoopes have transferred to different programs. Swoopes has been accused of mistreating her players and the university is investigating the matter. An anonymous player told the school newspaper that the women's basketball Hall of Famer has been pushing her students too hard.

Sheryl Swoopes, who is a third-time Olympic gold medalist, first coached the Loyola University women's basketball team in 2013. Fox Sports reports that team spokesman Leo Krause said that there were 12 returning players for the season. However, 10 of those athletes asked to be transferred or released from Loyola University's scholarship program. She and her team are being investigated by the university after rumors of mistreatment and the massive transfer of its members.

"She really pushes them to the point of misery and to the point where they shut down," an anonymous source told The Loyola Phoenix school paper. The members allegedly feel "trapped" by Swoopes' coaching that they feel they are being micromanaged even in their daily lives.

Additionally, Swoopes also allegedly belittled injured players in her team. There was also a time when the coaching staff made fun of players and their playing style.

CBS News reports that Swoopes has been appointed to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this month. Swoopes won the 1993 NCAA title playing for Texas Tech, won three Olympic gold medals and won four times straight for the Houston Comets. After coaching the Loyola University women's basketball team for three seasons, they have amassed a 31-62.

Loyola University's athletic director, Jermaine Truax, spoke out about the issue. According to Chicago Tribune, the university is investigating the mistreatment situation. Swoopes is aware of invesigation and is willing to cooperate with it.

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