'Sony PS4.5 NEO' Release Date, Price & Spec Rumors: Things You Need To Know About The Upgraded PlayStation 4 [VIDEO]


Reports say that Sony's next version console called the PS4.5 is called PlayStation Neo internally. Additionally, the PS4.5 comes with better features and performance including PlayStation VR compatibility and support.

What Is The PS4.5?

Eurogamer confirms that the PS4.5 or PlayStation 4K is a new version of Sony's very successful console. To put it simply, it has better hardware specs to support better gaming. In line with this, it can better support PlayStation VR and 4K resolution, hence the PlayStation 4K nickname.

What's New On The PS4.5?

Tech Times shares that the PS4.5 will come with improved GPU with an AMD GCN with 36 CUs at 911 MHz. This is a vast improvement from PS4's original AMD GCN with 18 CUs at 800 MHz. PS4.5 will have improved click speed at 2.1 GHz vs 1.6 GHz. Furthermore, the PS4.5 will have higher bandwidth memory at 218 Gbps compared to only 176 Gbps from the original console. According to Trusted Reviews, the PS4.5 will still have 8GB of GDDR5 memory but obviously faster because of the faster memory.

While games can run on 4K resolution, it won't be a requirement. There will be no PS4.5 exclusive games, but it will be an 'enhanced' version when games are played on the PS4.5. The older PS4 console will not be affected by the newer one.

When Will PS4.5 Be Released; What Is The Price Range?

There is no official word on when the PS4.5 will be released in the market. Giant Bomb points out that every game released on October this year may need to support the PS4 and PS4.5. However, it is not guaranteed that PS4.5 will be released on October, the same month when the PlayStation VR will be out in the market. As for the price, it is rumored that the PlayStation 4K will be sold for $399.

Will you upgrade to PS4.5? Tell us what you think of Sony's improved PlayStation 4 console in the comments below.

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