3 Things That Universities Could Do To Create Entrepreneurs To Change The World [VIDEO]


So many big names and world changers have come out over the past few decades and most, if not all of them came from colleges and universities. Although not all these world changers have finished their studies, the fact that they at least attended certain college is enough for institutions to create more people like them.

World changers in the area of business and technology include Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Steve Job for Apple and Bill Gates for Microsoft just to name a few. These names and their contribution to the society should push universities and colleges to encourage their students to follow these people's footsteps in the area of entrepreneurship.

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Here are three ways that a college institution could do to make that happen. Students should also pay attention if they want to change the world with their business skills.

1. Teaching About Financial Backing: In an article published by Mashable, encouraging students to secure their finances would make a huge difference in their lives should they want to be successful in the business field. This also means that it wouldn't hurt helping them with a start-up fund that could be gotten from grants like what U.C. Berkeley does. That institution offers $5,000 to their students, both undergrads and MBAs. Aside from this, teachers could always encourage students to resort to using crowd funding online, which is embraced by many these days.

2. Telling Them That It's Okay To Fail:  This doesn't mean encouraging students to fail in their endeavors. This just means teaching them the reality that they would experience some obstacles along the way and the success does not normally happen in 24 hours. This would enable them to keep on going until they finally made it.

3. Networking Is Everything: According to The Thriving Small Business, to mingle with different people is important to establish a brand, market a product and sell whatever it is that you think would hit. Schools should encourage students to not forget how networking is significant to be a world changer.

These three are simple things that could push an ordinary student to become a world changer. Share this with your friends today!

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