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5 Planets Will be Visible in Pre-Dawn Sky for the Next Month


Starting early Wednesday morning and lasting for about a month, sky watchers on Earth will be able to see five planets in the sky at the same time.

Facing south, the following five planets will appear in a diagonal line from left to right: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. The best time to see this is right before dawn any day from Jan. 20 to around Feb. 20, according to USA Today.

A pair of stars are also expected to be visible, as Antares will be off to Saturn's right and Spica will be in between Mars and Jupiter. The last time these five planets were all visible to the naked eye at the same time was Jan. 2005.

This leaves Uranus and Neptune as the only planets of the solar system that will not be visible all at once, excluding Earth of course. But Neptune and Pluto can be found with the help of a telescope, whereas Uranus sometimes appears in the sky, per USA Today.

Head over to the U.S. Naval Observatory's website for a useful tool that will help you figure out when the sun will rise wherever you are.

"Of course, you can catch most of these planets long before dawn. Jupiter rises first, in the evening hours, followed by Mars after midnight and then Saturn, Venus and Mercury," reported. "It will be possible to view all five in the evening sky from about August 13 to 19, 2016. However, Mercury and Venus will be sitting low in the west at dusk and not that easy to catch from northerly latitudes. The Southern Hemisphere definitely has the big advantage for spotting all five planets in the August, 2016 evening sky."

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