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UK imposes tough guidelines on alcohol intake


The new guidelines on alcohol intake by the UK government suggests that both men and women should regularly drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week, CNN reports.

The new guidelines also state that pregnant women should not drink at all.

The new UK advice also suggests that there is no safe level of drinking and any amount of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer.

The rules also say that one should not indulge in binge drinking. One should rather distribute the number of drinks evenly throughout the week and aim for a few alcohol-free days a week.

The 14 units of alcohol per week is the equivalent of six small glasses of wine or five pints of beer at 5% ABV strength.

Imposing this new guideline will mean that UK now has one of the lowest suggested upper limits for men in the world.

The guidelines also state that the benefits of red wine are less and apply to only women over the age of 55.

The U.S. Guidelines recommend that women should not exceed one standard drink per day and men should no more than two. That is equal to 12 units a week for women and just over 24 for men.

The UK medical chiefs said that this update has been based on evidence from all over the world.

The latest research suggests that the overall health risks for men and women for the intake of alcohol are the same.

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