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Jupiter, Mars and Venus to form a triangle in the pre Halloween sky


Three planets of the solar system Jupiter, Venus and Mars will form a triangle in the pre dawn sky in the east, for the last time till the year 2021, Statesman Tribune reports.

This rare planetary phenomenon will be witnessed from 24th to 29th October.

The triangular alignment of the three planets will be caused due to the planet's orbit alignment. The three planets will group together within a circle of diameter five degrees.

Any three planets that come together in this manner are named as a 'planetary trio'.

The different planets of the solar system revolve around the sun in a single plane, but in different orbits.  The different planets orbit the sun at different speeds. The farther the distance of the planet from the sun, the more time it takes to make one complete revolution.

Venus takes 225 days to orbit the sun, while Mars and Jupiter take two years and twelve years respectively.

The spectacular alignment will be best-seen early morning, between 5 and 6am. The two planets, Jupiter and Venus, are really bright and will be more easily visible than Mars as it is comparatively less bright than the other two.

Therefore, to spot mars, stargazers may have to get up before sunrise.

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