ACC Media Days 2014 Kicks Off With Jameis Winston, College Football's Most-Watched Man

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Jameis Winston is going to be the most talked about figure in college football this season, so it seemed only right that he faced the reporters' microphones on the first day of the ACC Media Days.

According to ESPN, Winston appeared ready to field questions regarding the more eventful parts of his offseason. For example, when asked about his father's prediction that the reigning Heisman winner would remain at Florida State two more years, Winston stated he "couldn't predict the future."

The Florida State Seminoles quarterback's appearance Sunday will easily be the highlight of the ACC Media Days. Last season, he was the youngest player ever to win the Heisman Trophy and he also led his team to an undefeated season and a thrilling come-from-behind victory in the BCS National Championship game.

"I know I have to live up to the hype," Winston told the host of reporters. "If I'm even an inch below that standard, it'll be chaos."

He reportedly was his amiable self, brushing off questions about the crab legs incident and answering questions with a smile on his face. In his whirlwind freshman season, Winston established a reputation for hanging loose and always seeming pleasant.

Even mid-season, when he faced questions of the sexual assault he was accused of committing nearly two years ago, Winston appeared cool and well practiced in front of a camera, oftentimes re-directing the question to his team.

"It comes with the territory," Winston said. "You always have to have a smile on your face. Leadership isn't just on the field. It's off the field, too, and I know I have a lot of young guys looking up to me, and I know I have a lot of support from my teammates as well."

As any reigning Heisman winner and National Champion team is, Winston and the Seminoles are going to be a target this year. Every team they play will hid a little harder, run a little faster and make fewer mistakes, which is why head coach Jimbo Fisher wanted to instill one main philosophy with his team.

"We're not defending anything," Winston said at the media event, mimicking what his coach told the media during spring practices. "We're trying to go get another championship. It's a clean slate."

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