Jameis Winston Has No Timetable for Going Pro, Will Stay At Florida State Until He Finishes Degree

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Jameis Winston is not putting a timetable on his stay at Florida State University (FSU), but it will not be tied to football or baseball, he says.

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner said he wants to complete his degree at FSU before becoming a professional athlete. Winston did not comment on his father's public assertion that the Seminoles' QB would only stay in school two more years.

"I'm not really worried about that," Winston told "I'm just focusing on the season right now, because this year is going to be one to remember."

Winston's major is social sciences and his minor is business, a degree that will require at least two more years for him to complete. While the prediction Antonor Winston made to last month may not end up being incorrect, his son is not setting a deadline to either graduate go pro.

"It's very important to me. I was always raised as a student first and an athlete second," Jameis Winston said. "I think that's the main purpose in college. Some athletes lose that perspective. It's about being a student-athlete, and not just getting that easy money and going to the league. Even if kids leave early, I would want them to come back and get that degree."

Like many top college QBs before him, Winston was a guest instructor at the Manning Passing Academy, USA Today reported. Along with teaching the next generation of quarterbacks, the FSU passer said he relished the opportunity to be around a family of NFL greats.

"I'm an observer," Winston told reporters Friday, according to USA Today. "So I just observe the way (Peyton) does things. He's so detail-oriented. And how he carries himself, I'm really trying to see how he carries himself because I want to be the guy 10, 15 years from now that's viewed like a Peyton Manning or an Eli or an Archie."

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