Northwestern Journalism Graduates Received Diplomas with Misspelt School Name


Graduates of Northwestern University's journalism school received diplomas totally different from Class of 2013 on Saturday.

Around 30 honors students received diplomas with a misspelled school's name. The letter "n" was missing from the word "integrated" in the school's name - Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications.

Al Cubbage, vice president for university relations said that it was a mistake and they will rectify it. "The new students will get new diplomas soon," USA Today reports.

In 2010, University officials changed the school's name from the Medill School of Journalism to Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications.

"The error struck some students as ironic, given the school's tradition, known as the 'Medill F,' of giving a failing grade to an assignment with a factual error such as a misspelling," the Officials said, Business Insider reports.

Graduate Kit Fox, who didn't receive one of the flawed certificates, spotted the error.

"We all took it in good humor. We're all really aware of the 'Medill F,' so the jokes came easy," Fox told NBC Chicago.         

Fox said that it is actually "forgiving" as he received five Medill F's in his first two years at the school, Chicago Tribune reports.

The goof-up on the diplomas triggered several reactions on Twitter:

"Time to simplify our name to just MEDILL.  School misspells name on 2014 diploma," Marty Kohr, a Twitter user, said.

" I am more than embarrassed," another Twitterati Rowena Li said.

"A journalism school gets F," one of the Twitter user George LeClaire said.

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