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Music Evokes Positive Feelings

Want To Feel Positive? Listen To Sad Music, Study Says

Mar 16, 2017 AM EDT Different studies have revealed that listening to sad music evoke positive feelings and can even help people cope up with their sadness

Autism Causes Genius Yale Research Says

Autism Genes: The Genius Behind The Most Brilliant Minds

Mar 16, 2017 PM EDT Yale researchers discovered that the process of natural selection preserves genes associated with autism

Atom Versus DNA Storage

Quantum Computers: DNA vs Atom Storages, Which Is Better?

Mar 16, 2017 AM EDT Quantum computers require super compact storage devices and two possible contenders for this is the DNA and the atom. But which one is much better? Read on and decide

Stanford researchers find benefit in delaying kindergarten for kids

Stanford Researchers Say Delaying School Can Reduce Inattention And Hyperactivity In Kids

Mar 16, 2017 AM EDT Delaying school for one year can help improve a child's self-regulation.

The quality of one's relationships can predict well-being later in life

Harvard Study Reveals The Number 1 Secret To Having A Fulfilling Life

Mar 16, 2017 AM EDT The quality of an individual's relationships can predict his or her well-being later on in life.

Yale University

Yale Tops US Law Schools In The Last Twenty-Three Years [Video]

Mar 15, 2017 PM EDT Yale has set a record for being number one among all US law schools for 23 consecutive years.

California School Dashboard: New School Rating School Launched On March 15 [VIDEO]

California School Dashboard: New School Rating School Launched On March 15 [VIDEO]

Mar 17, 2017 AM EDT The California School Dashboard is a key part of California’s commitment to transparency and continuous improvement. It is the next step in a series of major shifts in public education.

The Origin of the Pi Symbol

World Pi Day: If You ThinkThe Symbol Originated From Greece,Think Again

Mar 15, 2017 AM EDT William Jones, a self-taught mathematician, introduced the symbol to represent the infinite number 3.14

Researchers say Southern California coastline is in danger of eroding

Stanford And University Of Calgary Researchers Map Saltwater Intrusion In California Coast

Mar 15, 2017 AM EDT Researchers identify which parts of Monterey Bay has been infiltrated by seawater.

An Unsolvable Chess Problem

This Chess Problem Might Prove Quantum Effects Are Happening In The Brain

Mar 15, 2017 AM EDT This chess problem shows how superior the human brain is compared to artificial intelligence.

Quantum Physics: Parallel Universes

Quantum Physics: Three Reasons Why Parallel Universes Exist

Mar 15, 2017 AM EDT Quantum physics is full of weirdness and one of these include the theory of parallel universes. Here are some arguments why parallel universes might really exist

Bose-Eistein Condensate

NASA Artificially Builds The Coldest Zone In The Universe

Mar 15, 2017 AM EDT The above absolute zero temperature is necessary for scientists to create the rare form of matter called the Bose-Einstein condensate

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