Sinclair College Increase Student Fees To Generate $1.6 million [VIDEO]

Mar 24, 2017 AM EDT The new adjustments will take effect starting with summer registrations. The school will raise its auxiliary fee from $50 to $85.

Top 10 American States for Foreign Students

Aug 31, 2013 AM EDT Colleges and universities across the United States look to foreign students as a source of additional revenue amid financial struggles and budget cuts. University officials do not refrain from ...

Foreign Admissions Fill Seats and Generate Revenues at American Colleges

Jan 25, 2013 AM EST As students drop out from colleges due to rising tuition, universities across the country look out for international students to fill their quota and generate revenue.

Universities Experience Surge in Online College Programs

Jan 21, 2013 AM EST Minot State University offers nine online classes this semester in online student integrated classrooms.

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