Rachel Canning, Who Sued Parents Selects Biomedical Engineering Program at WNEU (UPDATE)


Rachel Canning, the 18-year-old Morris Catholic High School senior who sued her parents for child support and college costs, has chosen the biomedical engineering program at Western New England University.

The honor student and athlete made the announcement on her Facebook page Saturday. "Decision made. WNE U class of 2018 BME Major w/ 56,000$ scholarship," read the post, My Central Jersey reports.

For the 2014-15 academic year, tuition, fees and room and board for a full-time undergraduate student at the Springfield Mass. University costs $46,154, excluding health insurance.

Canning made headlines when she filed a lawsuit in Superior Court in Morristown Feb.24 against her parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning of Lincoln Park, alleging abuse.

The New Jersey High School student claimed that she was evicted from the house in October. Sean said that their daughter left willingly after she refused to follow house rules that also included breaking up with her boyfriend. Canning stated that her parents refused to pay her bills if she didn't obey the rules. reports

"My parents simply will not help me any longer," Canning said in court documents. "They want nothing to do with me and refuse to even help me financially outside the home although they certainly have the ability to do so. ... I am unable to support myself and provide for my food, shelter, clothing, transportation and education."

Through the lawsuit, Canning sought financial support to help pay for her high school tuition, court fees, future college expenses and legal bills among others

During the litigation, her parents said that they would take care of the high school and college costs provided their daughter returned to the house.

"Private school, new car, college education; that all comes with living under our roof," Sean said, abcreports.

Peter Bogaard, Family Division Judge, dismissed Canning's lawsuit. Canning decided to withdraw her charges and moved in with her parents. The judge said that her move "was a knowing and voluntary decision. Canning "is obviously an intelligent young woman who has a bright future."

Canning came back home March 11, and dropped the lawsuit the next day.

The law firm that represented her parents said that they "are happy to be reunited and thankful that their daughter is back home."

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