San Diego Student Charged for Throwing Eggs at Parking Officers


Lorin Daniel Moll,  a 20-year-old University of San Diego student was charged Monday with five counts of misdemeanor and assault for throwing raw eggs at two traffic enforcement officers from the balcony of his San Diego, Calif., apartment.

Moll allegedly pelted eggs at a female officer, Dino Delimitros, while she was writing a ticket for an illegally parked truck in front of his apartment on Mildred Street. The truck did not belong to him. When one of the eggs actually did hit the parking officer, she called for support. When a San Diego Police Department lieutenant arrived at the scene, the student continued to bombard the officers with uncooked eggs.

When Moll was pulled out of his apartment barefoot by about six cops, he denied being the prankster. In his defense, he told the officers that there were enough residents in the area who could have done the deed. They could have very well executed this prank from their own balcony.

"I don't have time for this. I have school to do today," Moll told the arresting officer. "I have school. That's more important," NY Daily News reports.

 "There was more than one egg thrown, which is against the law obviously to assault anybody with an egg, let alone a parking enforcement officer," San Diego police Sgt. Robert Schenkelberg. "You're assaulting someone who has a badge. We take that very seriously."

According to his LinkedIn account and Facebook page, Moll attends USD and also studies psychology at San Diego Mesa College.

(A previous version of this story incorrectly pictured UC - San Diego to accompany the article. The photo has since been removed).

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