Lincoln University President Cleared of Bullying Allegations Following Administrator's Tragic Suicide


Following a tumultuous period marked by the tragic death of a senior administrator and allegations of bullying, Lincoln University has announced the results of an independent review, absolving President John Moseley of any wrongdoing.

Lincoln University President Cleared of Bullying Allegations Following Administrator's Tragic Suicide

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Third-Party Review

In January 2023, Lincoln University was shaken by the suicide of its vice president of student affairs, Antoinette Candia-Bailey, who sent a scathing email to President Moseley before her death. Prompted by these events, the university's Board of Curators commissioned a comprehensive review to investigate allegations of bullying.

The review, conducted by a St. Louis law firm, spanned several weeks and analyzed thousands of words, including Candia-Bailey's email, which outlined numerous grievances against Moseley. Despite the severity of the accusations, the investigation found no substantiated claims of bullying by the university president.

The review process involved interviews with faculty, staff, and students, as well as a thorough examination of relevant documentation and communication records. The independent investigators meticulously assessed the allegations against Moseley and concluded that there was no evidence to support the claims of bullying.

The review report highlighted areas for improvement in communication, leadership, and organizational culture within the university. While acknowledging the challenges faced by Lincoln University, the report emphasized the need for collective efforts to foster a positive and inclusive environment for all members of the community.

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Community Response and Ongoing Impact

The fallout from Candia-Bailey's death and the subsequent investigation reverberated throughout the Lincoln University community, sparking discussions and concerns among alumni, students, and faculty. The sudden loss of a respected administrator, coupled with allegations of misconduct, led to heightened tensions on campus.

While the review's findings have provided clarity on the specific allegations against President Moseley, the university acknowledges that the healing process will take time. The tragic events have underscored the importance of mental health support and effective communication within the university community.

In response to the review's outcome, the Lincoln Board of Curators has voted to bring Moseley back from his leave of absence, reinstating him as the university's president. The decision comes as a relief to some members of the community who have supported Moseley throughout the investigation.

Moving forward, Lincoln University aims to prioritize transparency, accountability, and collaboration to address any lingering concerns and rebuild trust among its stakeholders. The institution recognizes the need for ongoing dialogue and engagement to foster a culture of respect and inclusivity on campus.

As the university navigates this challenging period, it remains committed to fostering a safe and supportive environment for all members of its community. By learning from the events of the past and implementing measures to promote well-being and mutual respect, Lincoln University seeks to emerge stronger and more united than ever before.

While the review has brought closure to the specific allegations against President Moseley, it has also highlighted broader issues related to mental health and workplace culture within higher education institutions. Lincoln University is committed to addressing these challenges proactively and working collaboratively to create a campus environment where all individuals feel valued and supported.

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