17 American Universities' Delegation To Visit India To Enhance US-India Education Partnerships


A delegation comprising 31 leaders, including provosts, vice provosts, and deans, from 17 prominent American universities is scheduled to visit India next week.

The primary objective of this high-powered group is to enhance collaboration and promote student and scholar mobility between the United States and India. The visit, spanning from February 25 to March 2, will see the delegation engage with 26 institutions in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

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This diplomatic mission gains particular significance against the backdrop of recent incidents involving attacks on Indian students and individuals of Indian origin in various parts of the United States. The delegation's efforts align with the broader goal of both the US and Indian governments to cultivate mutually beneficial strategies in the educational domain.

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The previous year saw state visits by the respective presidents and prime ministers of both nations, solidifying the US-India Comprehensive Global and Strategic Partnership. As the world grapples with uncertainties, this delegation aims to fortify the educational bridge connecting the two countries.

Representatives from Leading American Institutions

The Institute of International Education (IIE) co-president, A. Sarah Ilchman, expressed optimism about the upcoming visit. Ilchman stated that the delegation would comprise representatives from esteemed institutions such as California State University, Long Beach; University of California, Berkeley; DePaul University; University of California, Davis; and several others. With Indian students and scholars reaching record numbers in the US, Ilchman highlighted the exciting prospects for increased engagement and collaboration between the two nations.

Exploring Opportunities and Partnerships

During their stay in India, the delegation plans to meet with Indian government officials, visit US consulates, and engage with prominent institutions like the Indian School of Business, IIT Hyderabad, Mahindra University, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, and Somaiya Vidyavihar University. Topics of discussion will include the establishment of international branch campuses in India, the influence of educational technology in Indian higher education, and the evolving landscape of higher education businesses.

Ilchman expressed hopes that the delegation's visit would lead to active partnerships and engagements between US and Indian institutions. The focus is on fostering increased flow of students and scholars between the two nations.

Highlighting the appeal of the US education system, Ilchman noted its diversity, specialized programs, and institutions catering to various academic interests. She emphasized that the United States, with its global reputation for quality education, has much to offer to Indian students compared to other international destinations. While countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada host over 20% international students, the US has the capacity to welcome more, currently having only about 6% international students in its higher education system.

Acknowledging the significance of timely visa issuance, Ilchman commended the Department of State's transparency regarding visa applications. She mentioned that the increased transparency provides valuable data, indicating improvements in the visa process and addressing previous challenges.

Prioritizing Safety and Inclusivity

In response to recent attacks on Indian students in the US, Ilchman reassured that US colleges and universities prioritize the health and safety of all students, both domestic and international. She emphasized that building safe and inclusive communities is integral to the daily operations of US educational institutions. Mental health resources are actively provided to ensure support for all students during their studies.

As the delegation prepares to embark on this diplomatic and educational journey, the hope is that their interactions will lay the groundwork for strengthened collaborations and increased educational exchange between the United States and India.

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