Crimson Education Launches Financial Aid Program for Filipino Students Eyeing US Universities


Crimson Education (CE), a prominent university admissions consultancy firm, has launched a financial assistance program named Crimson Access Opportunity (CAO) for Filipino students aspiring to enroll in United States universities in 2024.

Crimson Education Launches Financial Aid Program for Filipino Students Eyeing US Universities
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Aid Program Details

Under the 2024 CAO scheme, which began accepting applications on February 1, 2024, CE aims to provide exceptionally talented Filipino students with free access to its admissions assistance services tailored for top US universities. The application deadline for this program is April 1, 2024.

In a statement, CE acknowledged the rigorous competition and low acceptance rates characteristic of US university admissions. To address these challenges, the consultancy offers expert guidance from former admissions officers and consultants who graduated from leading US universities, ensuring applicants receive comprehensive support in navigating the intricate application process.

Context and Need

The US Embassy in Manila notes an increasing number of Filipino students pursuing education in the US, emphasizing the demand for high-quality international education. Market projections by Statista indicate a growing trend of Filipinos seeking assistance from educational consultancies to enhance their chances of admission to prestigious global universities.

The need for such assistance is underscored by the competitive landscape of international admissions, where gaining acceptance to top-tier universities requires not only academic excellence but also a nuanced understanding of the application process. CE's CAO program aims to bridge this knowledge gap and empower talented Filipino students to successfully navigate the complexities of US university admissions.

Philosophy Behind CAO

CE Philippines Country Manager Joanne Gao underscores the firm's commitment to leveling the educational playing field and ensuring financial constraints do not hinder deserving students from realizing their academic goals. The CAO initiative, launched in 2020, aims to dismantle barriers to world-class university education by providing comprehensive support to underprivileged yet high-achieving students.

Success and Impact

Since its inception, CAO has supported over 250 students across 60 countries, facilitating admissions into prestigious Ivy League institutions. Notably, CAO students have secured merit-based scholarships totaling $35 million in 2021 and 2022, indicating the program's significant impact on students' academic and financial prospects.

Testimonials and Achievements

CAO's success stories include students securing admissions to renowned universities such as Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, and Harvard, among others. In 2022, CAO students received four offers from Harvard University alone, highlighting the program's effectiveness in navigating the competitive landscape of US university admissions.

Continued Support and Guidance

CAO extends its support beyond admissions assistance, offering expert guidance on securing scholarships and financial aid to alleviate the financial burden on students. The program's holistic approach aims to empower students to excel academically and pursue their educational aspirations without financial constraints.

With the launch of the 2024 CAO program, Crimson Education reaffirms its commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities to talented Filipino students. By offering comprehensive support and financial assistance, CAO aims to empower students to fulfill their academic potential and contribute positively to society. As the application deadline approaches, aspiring students are encouraged to explore this unique opportunity that not only opens doors to renowned institutions but also nurtures their academic and personal growth.

For more information on the CAO program, visit Crimson Education's page.

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