Victoria College Receives PATH Scholarship Grant to Alleviate Transportation Costs for Students


Victoria College, a beacon of higher education, has recently been bestowed with the honor of being a recipient of the 2023 Progress, Accomplishment, Thriving, Hope (PATH) Scholarship grant program by the esteemed Ellucian Foundation. This significant grant, amounting to $10,000 and facilitated through the VC Foundation, has played a pivotal role in providing transportation-assistance scholarships to 50 academic and transfer students during the Fall 2023 semester.

Victoria College Receives PATH Scholarship Grant to Alleviate Transportation Costs for Students
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Navigating Financial Challenges

The student demographic at Victoria College presents a unique set of challenges, with approximately half of the student body hailing from rural counties and commuting to classes. For these students, transportation costs represent a substantial financial burden, often influencing crucial decisions about pursuing higher education. The PATH Scholarship grant steps in as a crucial lifeline, offering financial assistance in various forms, including gas cards, scholarships, and grants.

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Insight from Campus Leaders

Bobby Cubriel, VC Director of Advising, Counseling, & Support Services, sheds light on the profound impact of transportation costs on enrollment decisions. He notes, "When students consider whether or not they can afford college, transportation costs can mean the difference between enrolling or sitting out an entire semester." The PATH Scholarship grant not only eases this financial burden for academic and transfer students but also complements existing funding for career and technical students who face similar challenges in commuting.

Amy Mundy, Executive Director of Advancement & the VC Foundation, expresses sincere gratitude for the recognition of Victoria College's unwavering commitment to student success. She articulates, "Victoria College is honored to be recognized for our commitment to student success, and we appreciate the Ellucian Foundation's investment in our VC community."

A National Commitment to Student Support

The PATH Scholarship program, initiated by Ellucian in 2020, has played a crucial and commendable role in supporting students at two-year public colleges across the United States. With a steadfast commitment to providing more than $2 million in grants since its inception, the program underscores Ellucian's dedication to mitigating obstacles that hinder student success and empowering them with the necessary skills for a seamless transition into the workforce.

Laura Ipsen, President and CEO of Ellucian, passionately emphasizes the vital role played by two-year public colleges in the higher education system. She states, "Two-year public colleges are at the heart of the US higher education system, serving as educational and career launchpads for students by providing critical skills and access to a wide range of learners." Ipsen highlights the imperative need to support these students by overcoming obstacles that hinder their educational journey.

A Testament to Commitment

Victoria College stands tall and proud alongside 24 other colleges across the nation in receiving a coveted 2023 PATH Scholarship grant. This recognition serves as a powerful testament to the college's unwavering commitment to student welfare and success. Moreover, it underscores the collaborative efforts required to foster an inclusive and accessible educational environment that addresses the unique challenges faced by diverse student populations.

As the PATH Scholarship program continues to make a positive and lasting impact, it significantly contributes to the broader educational goals of investing in the potential of students. Beyond financial assistance, the program serves as a catalyst, propelling students towards success in both academia and the workforce. Victoria College, with its recent accolade, not only shines as a beacon of higher learning but also exemplifies the transformative impact that targeted support can have on students facing economic hardships.

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