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Alexandru Cocindau

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Dubai is set to witness the opening of the largest IT school in the region, TeachMeCode Institute, by a Romanian entrepreneur, Alexandru Cocindau. The school is set to provide a revolutionary new approach to education, designed to address the lack of skilled talent in the IT sector, and will be based on Mr. Cocindau's extensive experience in various sectors of the industry. 

Mr. Cocindau, born in Romania, developed a passion for web development at an early age, which led him to start his first company more than 18 yeas ago, when he was just a teenager. Over the years, he has worked in various sectors, including e- commerce, mobile development, gaming development and
blockchain development. Through hard work and dedication, he has built an international company that spans multiple sectors, including information technology, fintech, hospitality, real estate and education. 

With a keen eye for market trends, Mr. Cocindau observed the IT sector facing a significant shortage of skilled developers and designers, with over a million talents missing worldwide. To address this issue, he decided to open TeachMeCode, which he believes will provide a solution to the shortage of talent. 

TeachMeCode is based on the Active Academy school, which Mr. Cocindau opened in Romania seven years ago, using it to develop his software company. The school's new approach to education is designed to offer a practice-based education in a state-of-the-art environment. The school's classes are limited to just 20 students, ensuring that each student has a private session with their teacher. The school uses AI to review online exams, and the latest equipment and technologies are available to students. 

Flexibility is also a key factor in TeachMeCode's education approach, with courses priced at around $2,000 for 96 hours of training, which is less than $30 per hour. The course lasts for three months, with classes only twice a week, for four hours a day, making it a flexible and affordable solution for people who want to learn to code.

TeachMeCode's vision goes beyond just providing quality education to its students. It aims to give its students the opportunity to showcase their skills and achievements to potential employers through their own professional page on the institute student platform. This page will be similar to a social media profile, but instead of sharing personal updates, it will showcase the student's educational background, past experience, and other relevant information. The page can be set to public or private, allowing students to control who can see their profile. 

Partner companies will have access to these profiles, giving them a direct line of sight to potential talent. If a company selects a student to work for them, the company will pay a fee to the school only after six months of collaboration. This approach is beneficial to companies as they don't have to pay 

for HR companies to find talent, which can often be a costly and time-consuming process. It also connects students directly with companies, generating more opportunities and jobs for the students. 

Overall, TeachMeCode's unique approach to education and job placement has the potential to revolutionize the way students learn and connect with potential employers. By providing quality education, opportunities to showcase their skills, and direct connections to employers, TeachMeCode is set to become a leading force in the IT industry.

With a revolutionary new approach to education, TeachMeCode is set to become the go-to place for individuals looking to gain the skills they need to succeed in the IT industry. 

As Alexandru Cocindau, the founder of TeachMeCode, puts it, "Education is an investment in yourself that nobody and no one can ever take away from you. And there is no more real proof than the IT sector, where the cost of the course is basically a first-month salary in the industry." 

Mr. Cocindau believes that investing in oneself through education is the best way to secure a successful future, especially in the rapidly growing IT industry. With TeachMeCode Institute, he hopes to provide an accessible and affordable education option for those looking to enter the industry and build a successful career. 

In a world where the demand for skilled IT professionals continues to grow, TeachMeCode's practice-based approach to education is not only innovative but also more efficient. By equipping students with practical skills and industry connections, the school is better preparing them for the real-world challenges of the rapidly changing tech landscape. 

This approach to education has the potential to be the start of a new trend that proves more effective than traditional learning methods that focus solely on theoretical knowledge. 

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