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Understanding Damages in a Personal Injury Case


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When you are undergoing recovery after a personal injury, you may also have to deal with new expenses. These could be lost wages, property damage, or even pain and suffering, in addition to your medical bills. Surviving family members can claim wrongful death damages on behalf of the deceased. 

Damages can be a burden on both you and your family, especially when you're taking care of dependents. You can initiate a no-obligation consultation with a dedicated personal injury attorney to help you understand what damages you should receive after a serious personal injury. When figuring out damages in a personal injury case, two types of losses are typically considered:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are those that involve an exact amount of money and usually come with documentation to prove the cost, such as medical bills or lost wages due to missing work.

Medical Bills

The amount of money that is paid out to cover the costs of medical care, including hospital bills and prescription medication.

Lost Wages

Individuals who have been injured may be unable to work during recovery or while they are attending appointments related to their injury. Because they cannot earn wages from an employer during this time, potential damages could include lost wages from the time of the injury to the present.

If the injury affects an individual's ability to work or earn wages in the future, they could potentially seek damages for money that is lost due to their inability to gain employment.

Funeral Bills

In fatal cases, an individual may seek damages to cover funeral costs in the event that a loved one passed away due to an injury caused by negligence.

Lost Earning Capacity

When an injury prevents someone from achieving plans or goals that would have led to an increase in wages, such as going to school or attaining a better job, they may seek lost earning capacity damages. This is typically applied in a wrongful death case.

Lost Benefits

If a victim loses their job or passes away, they or their family can pursue damages for lost benefits, such as health insurance coverage or pension plans.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are those that do not come with exact dollar amount values, and instead involve subjective losses. These can include pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, disfigurement or disability, reduced quality of life, and loss of companionship. 

Pain and suffering damages are typically awarded to those who experience physical or emotional distress due to an injury caused by the negligence of another individual. These losses often come with a sense of humiliation, anxiety, fear, or depression. Non-economic damages are more subjective and difficult to quantify as they involve losses that cannot be closely tracked with documentation.

Work with a Personal Injury Attorney

Every personal injury case is unique, and the damages associated with it will vary depending on the severity of the situation. An experienced attorney can help you navigate through the complexities of understanding damages in a personal injury case and assist you in seeking the compensation you deserve.

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