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5 Must-Have Features Of An Employee Engagement App


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For your company to grow successfully, employee engagement and motivation are crucial. Many companies employ fast-growth methods, embracing remote work and promoting cultural transformations. Here, mobile strategy and employee engagement apps become essential to the future of your business.

Internal engagement tactics are nothing new. However, the popularity of "employee engagement apps" demonstrates that they are far more effective than conventional intranet systems or web-based portals. An employee app connects with your staff where they are already present: on their mobile phones.

So, if you're also considering introducing one at your business, don't pick the first employee engagement app that catches your eye. Instead, research your options so you are aware of the characteristics that are offered by various products. 

To help you in your endeavor, we have listed some features that the best employee engagement app must have.

Serve as a News Center

Any business that utilizes an employee engagement app must use it to disseminate news. The ability of the leadership to determine what becomes news can be a powerful tool for influencing culture, and certain things can be highlighted to instill them in employees. For example, by sharing stories of employees who went above and beyond to meet customer expectations, management can motivate more employees to provide excellent customer service.

Everyone Has Equal Access

Making sure everyone has access to data and feels connected is a fundamental principle of good engagement. As a result, a good engagement app must be accessible to all your employees. The app should have the capability to be made available on any device, both employee and business-owned, iOS or Android, irrespective of whether an employee is on the AD (Active Directory) or has a corporate email address. 

Social Communities

One of the most excellent and valuable social tools on a mobile employee app is the ability to support communities for employees who share common work-related and non-work-related interests. These characteristics can have a surprising impact on aspects of engagement. A group that focuses on interests and hobbies such as sports, books, photography, or recipes is an excellent way to foster connection, community, and even comic relief in the day.

Community functionality also facilitates Employee Resource Groups, which are crucial in promoting Diversity & Inclusion in organizations. 


Versatility is essential. When an app can be customized for your brand, the user experience improves dramatically. The capability to efficiently brand your employee engagement app with your company colors, graphics, and logo ensures that your business has a consistent experience. Branding will uplift your employee app with your distinct character, creating emotional resonance and a team-oriented environment (much like a company uniform), which energizes everyone to work towards the organizational objectives.

Surveys And Feedback

Consider your competition. Now imagine your best talent. Would you like those professionals to defect to your rivals? No way. However, if you don't assess your employees' satisfaction levels, you won't know whether you need to resolve issues, add more incentives, or modify how your business's current operations are structured. 

That's why your employee engagement app must have survey and feedback tools. Surveys and collecting employee feedback demonstrate that you value your employees' viewpoints and input, and supervisors can act on any observations and findings accordingly. 

These apps should also provide employees with direct access to their leaders. Instead of sending texts up the hierarchy, they can let their directors know their thoughts and express their ideas. 

You can more effectively retain your finest staff and motivate all employees to perform constructively every second of the workday if you create an environment where people feel comfortable speaking their minds (as long as they do so respectfully).


With so many apps and tools on the market, choosing the best employee engagement app for your business is challenging. With the help of this list, you can select the right app for your business and employees.

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