Canvas Prints: Budget-Friendly Home Decor for Students




Looking for a budget-friendly way to decorate your dorm room or shared apartment? You might want to try personalized canvas prints. 

When it comes to price performance, hardly anything can rival these custom-made wall art pieces. Cheap, great-looking, and easy to take along with you when you move to a new place, these are home decor solutions that could have been designed especially for the student lifestyle.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of canvas prints with the help of the photo printing experts at

Economy Wall Decor to Personalize Your Living Space

Kicking off the new semester presents its share of challenges. As well as maybe feeling the post-summer blues, there's a good chance you're returning to a campus far away you're your hometown. And once the excitement of seeing your peers again wears off, it's all too easy to start feeling homesick. 

That's why it's so important to make your student quarters feel as homely as possible. You can bring some keepsakes and other reminders of home along with you, or perhaps make a photo board with some polaroid prints. And these aren't the only low-cost options at your disposal...

When it comes to decorating your living space, few things give you as much room for creative exploration as personalized canvas prints. And crucially, they're also cheap enough to fall within the budget of the average American student, making them the perfect home decor solution for the new school year.

For students looking to spruce up their dorms or apartments, the choice is usually between canvas prints and posters. While posters are lightweight and affordable, canvas prints are definitely much more durable as photos are printed on a piece of strong fabric, not on crease- and torn-prone paper. Canvas prints can also be used as desk decor features, as they can be leaned against the wall (a very convenient solution in case you can't or don't want to make holes in the wall for nails).

Canvas Prints to Keep You Motivated

Canvas prints aren't just a great way to keep that link with your hometown and your previous life. They're also a time-tested means of staying in good spirits and keeping motivated to chase your goals. 

Any student will tell you that the stress of academic life with its constant deadlines can take its toll. But something you can do to keep focused is hang a canvas print with a motivational quote above your desk. It might not reduce your workload, but it might just give a boost to your confidence and resolve. 

You're not limited to quotes of course. Other great ideas for motivational canvas prints include photos of your idols and role models, perhaps historical figures whose example you want to follow.

And while reasons behind motivation and productivity are much more complex and deeper than simple visual joy from seeing a nice picture, one thing we can be sure about - personalized spaces play an important role in building relationships, setting and achieving goals and functioning well in challenging environments. The personalization approach works for offices - and there isn't a single reason why it shouldn't work for student rooms too.

So with science backing up the idea that a canvas print featuring a photo of your idol could subconsciously boost your motivation, this is essentially a student life hack.

And one of the best things is that with canvas prints you needn't worry about accidentally going over your limited student budget - canvas prints are one of the most affordable wall décor options, provided you opt for a discount printing provider. One of such options is who offer personalized photo canvases starting at $5.00.

Student Life in the Age of Personalization

Displaying personalized canvas prints in your dorm room reflects the same cultural trend that brought us custom-made clothes, cosmetics, furniture, even beverages. Increasingly people want unique experiences that reflect exactly who they are. 

Just like when you opt for a customized hoodie over a regular one or even just decorate your laptop, it's a way of showcasing your interests, telling your story, and making a visual statement - things that are important to us throughout our lives, but probably most of all during our student years.

So for those of you just starting out on your student journeys and looking to personalize your surroundings, custom wall décor such as canvas prints could be exactly what you've been searching for! 

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