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Elon Musk and His Plans For the Future


Image by Iván Jesus Rojas from Pixabay

Photo : Iván Jesus Rojas from Pixabay

Elon Musk's decision to buy Twitter generated a lot of questions about the future of Twitter and Tesla. 

Musk made an interesting comment on December 22. According to Musk, he will not sell any more Tesla for about two years. 

It is worth noting that one of the most extravagant billionaires in the world likes to make comments about various topics. 

He stated, "I won't sell stock until I don't know probably two years from now. Definitely not next year under any circumstances and probably not the year thereafter." 

What's interesting, shares of the eclectic vehicle maker jumped to more than $129 in after-hours on December 22. As a reminder, its shares declined by 8.9% in regular trading hours. 

As stated above, Musk promised not to sell Tesla stock. However, he has previously made promises about not selling the company's stock before eventually selling it.

We also need to mention that its stocks dropped by 9% on December 22, after the electric vehicles maker started offering discounts to customers who live in the United States, fueling investor concerns about softening demand as the country's economy slows.

Elon Musk likes to use Twitter's live audio platform in order to share his opinion about various topics. 

Musk and Twitter

On December 18, he asked users of Twitter whether he should leave his post as the head of Twitter. Musk even promised to respect their decision. Interestingly, millions of users voted in favor of Musk stepping down as the company's chief executive. 

He is currently looking for a person who will replace him. It is hard to say when someone will replace Musk. Let's see who will replace one of the most extravagant CEOs in the world. 

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