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How Samba Diagne is Impacting Lives Through Mentoring


How Samba Diagne is Impacting Lives Through Mentoring

Photo : How Samba Diagne is Impacting Lives Through Mentoring

Network marketing is a form of business whereby word of mouth is key to developing and connecting customers. It focuses primarily on selling goods to close contacts. Basically, the sales agents recruited to market the products are paid according to the number of fruitful referrals.

Figures have shown that network marketing is operational around the globe and is a significant source of income to many people today. According to a Direct Selling Association (DSA) report published some years back, it's estimated that there were close to 15.6 million people in the networking marketing business in the U.S.A alone. Further information revealed that networking marketing sales were estimated to have rocketed to $29 billion in 2011. One of the significant reasons for many people engaging in network marketing is its flexibility; you can develop your own business network without a restricting set schedule. You can also carry out the business from the comfort of your home, and you don't necessarily need to report to any office every morning. One of the people who have fully embraced network marketing to the max is Samba Diagne.

Born in 1989 in Rouen, France, Samba Diagne is an astute network marketer who has risen from humble beginnings to become a successful and influential entrepreneur. Samba has overcome all odds in his quest to flourish in the industry and become one of the most successful network marketers. As a passion-driven marketer, Samba started his marketing work as a door-to-door salesman in 2011. This presented an opportunity for Samba to grow and polish his marketing skills, and within three years, he had risen ranks to become the manager.

To further scale the heights and diversify his income in the marketing industry, Samba invested 32,000 Euros. He had big dreams and was ready to do whatever it took to achieve his goals and earn financial freedom. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as expected, and within one year, Samba had accumulated a debt of more than 50,000 Euros. The relentless and strong-minded network marketer couldn't allow this setback to cut off his dreams. With a positive mindset and armed determination, Samba was focused on his goals and pressed on with his ventures. This determination paid off, and in 2016 he started having success in network marketing.

To succeed in the network marketing industry, you have to be driven by passion and the zeal to see results, something Samba has mastered with excellence. He is now among the most influential network marketers with connections around the world. In 2019, Diagne had already accumulated over 20,000 active customers in his networking business. He has also traveled far and wide, impacting many people with financial wisdom.

In 2019, Samba held two life-changing events in Paris. He shared his knowledge as a coach and mentor and had over 5,000 people in attendance. Samba serves as an inspiration to many by helping them discover their inherent strengths and use them to succeed in life. His objective is to transform their mindsets, impart knowledge, and boost their confidence so they can live their best lives. Samba's greatest happiness is to see his customers coming to him without any financial knowledge and leaving as transformed people. His main goal is to equip them to live a balanced life by growing relationships, self-belief, and economic well-being.

Currently living in Dubai, Diagne is on a mission to change more lives. He hopes to impact a billion lives by 2030 through self-development education positively.

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