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Camara Mintz, Former Police Officer Turned Attorney Explains What To Consider When Facing A DUI Arrest


Camara Mintz, Former Police Officer Turned Attorney Explains What To Consider When Facing A DUI Arrest

(Photo : Camara Mintz, Former Police Officer Turned Attorney Explains What To Consider When Facing A DUI Arrest)

Camara Mintz is a native Washingtonian who is more than familiar with the inequities of our justice system. He spent 5 years in law enforcement and witnessed plenty of this first hand. His experience led him to pursue a career as a police officer, prosecutor, and now defense and plaintiff's attorney, as a founding partner of Gracia & Mintz, Attorneys At Law. His passion for the pursuit of fairness in our criminal justice system can be seen throughout his entire career. 

Because of his background, Mintz brings a unique perspective that motivates him to aggressively defend his clients' rights. 

Why did you pursue a career working in the criminal justice system? 

Camara Mintz: For me, I do what I do because I've seen how unjust the criminal justice system can be. Many people have no idea what their rights are, and the system takes advantage of that. I want to help people understand what is rightfully theirs. It's my job to protect people's futures, liberty, and freedom no matter what. DUI law in Maryland is of the areas of the law I want to help people understand better.

Can you share some ways to help save your driver's license if you're stopped and suspected of a DUI? 

Camara Mintz: I'd be happy to share my tips. Here it goes...

First thing's first, give them as little evidence as possible when they pull you over. When police officers pull you over, they're looking for probable cause to make an arrest. They're trying to see if there's a smell of alcohol on your breath or if the driver has glossy or blood-shot eyes. If you're not talking to him, it will be more difficult for them to think that your breath smells like alcohol, and they may not be able to put that in their arrest report. That's less evidence they can use against you in court.  

Second, it's okay to refuse a sobriety test. That's your right. In Maryland, standardized field sobriety tests are voluntary. I always advise people not to submit to them because they can use their observations to arrest you, and those same observations will be used against you as evidence  in court. There can be collateral consequences if you refuse the tests, but you still limit the evidence the state will have to use against you. The sobriety test comes with potential consequences to your license from the MVA, but losing your liberty after a conviction for DUI is worse.

My most important piece of advice is to hire an experienced defense attorney. When you get charged with a DUI in Maryland, you usually are facing multiple additional citations as well, many of which carry large fines. The MVA can also suspend your license, so you may end up fighting on two fronts. One being the criminal traffic violation of the DUIand the other the  MVA trying to suspend your privilege to drive.

If you're looking for legal help from Attorney Mintz, contact them and learn more through their Instagram:

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