Rhett Lindsey And Siimee On Eliminating Hiring Biases


Rhett Lindsey And Siimee On Eliminating Hiring Biases

Photo : Rhett Lindsey

Rhett Lindsey has built a stellar career for himself as a recruitment specialist for many business conglomerates. With his natural ability to spot the right talents for the right positions, he has helped many employers acquire people needed by their companies. At the same time, he witnessed some major flaws in the recruitment industry, most specifically the biases that have been occurring for the longest time.

With a stacked resume, Rhett could have just turned a blind eye to these injustices he was a witness to. He was already establishing a solid profession and was becoming stable in the career path he chose. Rhett, however, was not content with just letting the prejudices go on while he remained oblivious to it.

After seven years of collaborating with some prominent companies like Walt Disney, Tinder, and Facebook, Rhett decided to deal with the bias in the recruitment process. Dealing with unjust recruitment processes and technologies was too much for him and he wanted to create a platform for hiring people without biases. He named his company 'Siimee', pronounced as "see me". With Siimee, Rhett aims to make reformations in the hiring processes in the US.

Rhett and his team at Siimee have been campaigning all over the country to increase people's awareness of the ongoing problems and flaws in recruiting. Apart from educating, they also make people, especially employers, understand the importance of removing biases and prejudices in a company's success. Siimee's mission is to give equitable and purposeful connection experiences for job seekers and employers.

Siimee operates under Fyindr Inc., a technology solutions company that connects employers and job seekers. This collaboration aims to strengthen the call for a fairer, bias-free, and unprejudiced hiring and recruitment process in corporations. Equity, community, compassion, and integrity are at the top of Siimee's misson.

It might seem an insurmountable task, but Rhett Lindsey's ultimate goal for starting Siimee is to eliminate biased recruiting and hiring. Many deserving individuals have lost countless opportunities because of this toxic culture and Rhett wants to change that. Though most biases are unconscious, Rhett believes each company, if they have a strong will, can definitely push for inclusivity in their recruitment processes.

Rhett's stand for justice in the recruitment industry has got the attention of some international media. In one CBS news interview, the University of Kentucky graduate talked about Facebook's systematic decline of black professionals. The social networking site's reason, according to Rhett, is their vague concept of 'cultural fit'. This alienation of people of color by the giant company was the main reason why he left the company.

With a diverse team of advisors across different industries, Siimee with Rhett Lindsey as its CEO promises to provide equity and fairness in employee recruitment. Their website and mobile application offer better matching experiences for job seekers and companies that are hiring. Rhett makes sure that Siimee weaves compassion, equity, community, accountability, and respect in all aspects of the recruiting process.

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