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Mike Sherrard Creator of the Social Agent Academy Shares His Challenges


Mike Sherrard Creator of the Social Agent Academy Shares His Challenges

Photo : Mike Sherrard

Mike Sherrard is one of the top real estate entrepreneurs and most sought-after social media real estate expert in North America. In less than four years, Mike has beaten all odds to build a name for himself in the highly competitive industry. His choice to focus on real estate from a social media perspective makes him different from other agents. Mike says he was able to scale faster by leveraging creative and innovative modern strategies instead of solely relying on old school methods in real estate. Instead, he focuses heavily on over delivering and doing what is not done by others, and that's how he has been able to create success.

He runs the Social Agent Academy that offers lessons on social media for real estate. For more information, check out his website. Mike also runs the number one YouTube channel for real estate and has featured top podcasts related to real estate.

Mike started his real estate journey at the age of 24 after he ditched his mechanical engineering career in Canada. He moved to new city, Calgary, where he knew no one and ventured into a field where he had no experience. Despite starting from ground zero, he excelled by doing whatever it took to build momentum, including door knocking, and left no stone unturned. His young real estate career took a turn when he realized the importance of leveraging social media and began to build his business. He started to leverage social media, and quickly became recognized as the top Realtor on social media in his city and province, in addition to getting featured on some of the top podcasts in the real estate industry. Mike also became a top producer for consecutive years, until he decided to focus more on building his personal brand with a bigger vision in mind.

Being young, not from the city, and garnering a significant amount of attention within the industry did not sit well with everyone. It became clear that there are many agents with poor mindsets that live in fear and negativity and were seemingly jealous of his rapid growth. His success at scaling faster resulted in a decent amount of scrutiny from local Calgary agents who were not able to relate to his unique way of building a successful real estate business so quickly.

However, he was not only receiving negativity; his success also garnered a lot of positive attention and feedback from agents worldwide. Mike maintains that he has an ability to keep a constant positive attitude and continue to work hard to create and promote his niche. He is constantly working hard to create an incredible life for his future family. Growing up without money made things hard, but his parent's emotional support meant the world to him. He says that family is everything, and he is making sure that once he gets married and has children, they will live freely without worrying about paying the bills or not being able to have vacations.

Mike advises everyone to be bold enough to try everything, identify what works for you and go all in. To him, focusing on your niche is more important. He uses his Instagram and Facebook pages to share his take on life and information about his real estate projects.

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