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Gillian Garcia: The Hair Stylist Promoting Healthy Hair


Gillian Garcia: The Hair Stylist Promoting Healthy Hair

Photo : Gillian Garcia

Every person fancies having shiny, healthy, and strong hair, especially most women, as they want their hair to be their crowning glory. But the truth is that only a few have enviable hair. The lack of reliable hairstylists to guide them is one factor that causes many not to achieve this dream.

The hairstyling industry is filled with amazing talents, and with Gillian Garcia's expertise she's considered one of the masters. She is New York's most sought-after hairstylist. She is a hairstylist educator, content creator, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur with vast experience in the industry. She is a famous hairstylist in the US and was featured in Essence and often the source for a healthy hair story article,her latest being Oprah Magazine. Gillian Garcia has a special love for styling women's hair and making them feel special.

Her hairstyling brand is tailored to provide a healthy hair journey, and she is working to bring back the trend of having healthy hair. The fact that healthy hair was common years ago when she joined the industry has motivated her to continue her quest for finding the essence of healthy hair. According to her, healthy hair has become rare, and it's a surprise to see and envy someone who obviously has hair that shines with health.

Gillian Garcia advocates using natural ways to enhance hair growth and maintain healthy hair. Her salon uses natural products made and sourced from the best ingredients globally. For instance, her top-selling products Ju Poppin growth oil, Ju Poppin Vitamin E oil, and Ju Poppin scalp healing mist are sourced and imported from all over the world. To ensure quality, they are first tested for clarity and authenticity by the raw supplier based in Canada then sent to the USA to be blended. Some of the Ju Poppin growth oil key ingredients are English lavender, Black cumin seed, and Ylang Ylang, all of which are natural raw materials.

Gillian was born in Trinidad and Tobago and attended Vessigny government secondary school. She attained her GED from Brooklyn College, and she continues with classes. Gillian Garcia grew up just like any other average child and never thought of hairstyling being a career. It all started when her grandmother passed away, and her life changed. Life seemed threatening, and that's how she was thrown into doing hair. She joined Hair Ann"s hair school in San Fernando and later continued with Matrix, Patric Bradley, Loreal, and Najah. She also attended mastermind classes with Natalie Wedwell, Marissa Peer, and Grant Cordone.

She moved to the US with only a dream and started her journey with only $50. Today she has achieved what she called her dream and is still scaling to higher levels. Her love for God is still intact, and she strongly believes it was His will and gift to her to be in the hair industry.

Gillian Garcia is a very spiritual, soft-hearted, and generous woman of God with great insight that touches so many hearts. She treasures giving back to society as part of her life. She is a down-to-earth woman and an action movie and criminal TV lover, which she enjoys most with a glass of Roscato or a cup of ginger tea.

Check out Gillian Garcia on  to learn more about her services and read some of the testimonials from her clients.

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