What Are the Implications of the College Football Playoff Right Now?


College Football Playoff

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Many people are surprised that the college football season has made it as far as it has. In some circles, many people were actually picking the virus to win the college football season this year. Now, the college football regular season is coming to a close. This has a lot of wondering what is going to happen with the college football playoff. There are a few implications that people need to think about when they are trying to figure out who they are going to pick to win it all this year. Be sure to read a few Bovada reviews to learn more about the playoff this year.

What Will the Committee Do with Ohio State?

There was a little bit of nervousness when the most recent regular-season college football game for Ohio State, which was supposed to be against Michigan, was canceled. The initial rules published by the Big Ten indicated that anyone who was going to participate in the Big Ten title game had to play at least six games. Ohio State currently stands at 5-0 and is in a prime position to make the college football playoff; however, if they were not permitted to play in the Big Ten title game, that would severely hurt their resume.

Of course, the Big Ten did the smart thing and changed their arbitrary rules, allowing Ohio State to play against Northwestern in the Big Ten title game. If they win, their record will be 6-0. Is this enough to get Ohio State into the playoff?

Will the Committee Put Two ACC Teams in the Playoff?

The other question that the committee has to address is whether they are going to put two ACC teams in the playoff. Notre Dame is currently undefeated and Clemson's only loss is to Notre Dame. These two teams are going to rematch in the ACC title game. If Clemson gets revenge and beats Notre Dame, both teams will have only one loss and will have beaten each other. Therefore, their resumes should be good enough to put them in. Will the committee do that and put two ACC teams in the title game? Usually, it is the SEC that gets two teams into the playoff, not the ACC.

When Will the Playoff Take Place?

There are dates published for the college football playoff; however, it is possible that these games might have to be pushed back in the event of more virus cases. Will the committee be willing to do this? This is just another question that the committee has to discuss. In the end, Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Ohio State all have valid cases to make when it comes to inclusion on the College Football Playoff. On the other hand, Texas A&M out of the SEC might also have a case to make when it comes to inclusion on the CFP.

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