How You Can Earn Money Online While Attending School


How You Can Earn Money Online While Attending School

Photo : How You Can Earn Money Online While Attending School

The cost of education in the US nowadays is so high that not everyone can afford it. According to Value Penguin, the average cost of college education, for the school year 2017-2018, was $46,950 for non-profit private schools.

While getting through the first semester of the first year may be workable, the next semesters and years would likely be a struggle. You'll eventually need to find a way to help your parents or yourself in whatever way you can.

If you're in a situation where it's difficult to make both ends meet, being a working student might be the only solution. Nowadays, one of the most popular ways of earning is through online jobs. 

Below are some of your choices:

Answer Online Surveys

For some time now, surveys have upped their game from the primitive survey sheets being physically distributed and personal one-on-one interviews. Now, they're able to keep up with the ever-changing technology.

But, since not a lot of people are interested in participating in these surveys, because they seem to be just a waste of time, survey companies have now looked into the method of paying participants in order to lure more responses. After all, their clients are willing to pay them, in return for an accurate pulse of the people.

Answering surveys online is a flexible side-gig from home that you can also do while waiting for your next scheduled subject at school. Take note that it may not provide enough money to cover your tuition fees. However, it can help you earn some allowance while passing the time.

Online/Virtual Worker

Other than racking up those straight A's, do you want to put your intelligence to good use? How about your special skills, which may become stagnant if not practiced?

If you want to earn money while studying, but you feel that business is not for you, online jobs might be a good alternative. The jobs can range from teaching the English language to international students, virtual assistant, researcher, writer, editor, social media manager, web designer, and the likes.

While a lot of these jobs require you to follow a set schedule that you can do at home, some clients allow flexible schedules. This means that you can simply work while you're at school, like in the library or school canteen during quieter hours of the day.

Online Selling

Thanks to Facebook and other online platforms, selling different products have been very popular nowadays. There are even some forms of selling where you don't have to deal with inventory anymore - dropshipping.

Also, when you're finding it hard to fit all your stuff in your room anymore, you may consider selling them as well. Things you can dispose includes the following: clothes, shoes, books, accessories, etc. 

Besides decluttering your room, the proceeds from the sale can somehow buy you some supplies you need for school.

Apps and Video Tester

Developers and programmers are perceived as geniuses, which might be true when you only consider their fields of interest. However, while they know everything in terms of making tech things work, they're probably clueless about everything else.

That's where they need the help of testers, which are basically the same as answering online surveys. Only that, the testers' job will be more sophisticated in the sense that you'll actually be using the websites or applications to check their functionality.

Most probably, you'll be required to record your screen while testing and your audio as you provide feedback. These will be the basis of these websites and apps owners in improving them if needed.

Play Video Games

Your parents must have constantly nagged you for playing online games all the time when you were a bit younger. You've grown up thinking these games bring nothing but a waste of time and nonsense addiction.

Well, not anymore. Video games nowadays have become so competitive that it can be a legitimate source of income. Hence, while you're at them, why not maximize the potential?

Earn by cashing in rewards and points. Hardcore gamers can even earn more money through cash prizes in tournaments. Also, some games have become legitimate events in some sports competitions. Some of these include DOTA 2, Starcraft II, Hearthstone, Tekken 7, Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends, which were part of the recent Southeast Asian Games.


Nowadays, when everything is accessible on the internet, you no longer have any excuses for being jobless. Most of the time, even a degree is no longer required to land a nice job online. Just as long as you have the skills and the right attitude, you can go a long way.

However, a dream is still a dream. You may enjoy working because of the money, but don't let this ruin your focus with your studies. Consider this as just gigs wherein you allot just 10 to 15 hours a week ideally. Aim for a career by graduating! 

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